HPE StoreEver Tape

HPE StoreEver Tape Storage

To protect against ransomware attacks, the air-gapped security of tape-based backups offers significant advantages. Find out why customers recommend secure, scalable, low cost HPE tape storage solutions — in their own words.

A renaissance in tape storage

Organizations are again turning to economical, scalable — and truly offline — LTO tape storage to protect and retain infrequently accessed yet essential data across longer time frames. IT leaders can now address all of their retention and compliance needs with HPE StoreEver tape storage solutions, featuring ultra-low total cost of ownership and air-gap protection against ransomware and data corruption.

Explore our latest tape storage innovations

Enjoy cost-effective flexibility and simple management for tiered tape storage environments.

Harness economical tape backup

HPE StoreEver MSL 1/8 0-drive tape autoloader supports one LTO drive and eight slots in a 1U form factor to provide cost-effective, easy-to-install, unattended and automated tape storage. Reuse your existing MSL tape drive upgrade kits for added investment protection.

Get strong data protection

Designed for small to mid-sized organizations, the highly scalable HPE MSL3040 tape library offers a modular design and flexible capacity up to 12.6PB. Guard your business assets with LTO-9, providing complete data protection and secure, long-term retention of business assets.

Modernize virtualized environments

Veeam 11 enables you to copy VM backup files directly to HPE StoreEver Tape natively, all from within the Veeam solution.

Leverage simplified management

Make HPE StoreEver tape storage even simpler to use and manage with HPE StoreEver Command View for Tape Libraries software.